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About Personal Work
Click here to expand content  As I discuss in my book, when I began doing intuitive work, I didn't feel that I had the maturity I needed to take on the responsibility of looking into people's lives. That was some time ago, before earning my degree in Psycho-Spiritual Healing, my years of studying Chinese Medicine, certifying as a hypnotherapist, or having two kids! ...
Surgical Prep
Click here to expand content  While my focus has long been on houses, my training as a medical intuitive and acupuncturist led me to develop this specialization when my friend went in for heart surgery. Using both my medical knowledge and energy manipulation skills, I developed a procedure for assuring the best possible outcome and fastest recovery from the surgery...
Click here to expand content  Surgical Prep Form
Odd Jobs
Click here to expand content  A number of my clients have asked me to look into their "situations" over the years, from legal cases to insurance disputes to divorce settlements. Anything that consumes or conflicts with their energy seems to have threads that can be unraveled...